Marshall County Commissioners Discuss Proposed Program at Shady Rest Facility

Shady Rest Home

The Marshall County Commissioners discussed the Shady Rest Committee’s recommendation of allowing the addiction recovery program, David’s Courage, to be run out of the Shady Rest Home on Lincoln Highway in Plymouth.

Committee Chair and County Commissioner Kurt Garner explained that the committee approved a favorable recommendation for the program and if the commissioners did not decide to approve the program then the county would divest the property.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer suggested appraising the Shady Rest property by two appraisers to create a median price and then take sealed bids for the property. The money from the sale would be used toward construction of a new building at the jail property for David’s Courage.

Commissioner Mike Delp mentioned that he was not comfortable with the sale of the property. He echoed Garner’s comment of moving forward with the program as soon as possible.

After much discussion, the commissioners unanimously agreed to enter into a deed ownership transfer for $1 with the operators of David’s Courage, Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson, with specific details of the terms to be drafted by County Attorney Jim Clevenger. If the program is not successful, the property would come back to the county’s ownership. A transition committee will also be enacted to oversee operations.

The facilitators may be eligible to apply for grants to update some of the infrastructure at the Shady Rest Home.

Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson expressed their thanks toward the Shady Rest Committee and the Marshall County Commissioners for the opportunity to help those seeking therapy to quit the cycle of drug abuse.