Argos Town Council Approves Property Subdivision Request from Marshall County Economic Development Corporation

Argos Town Council members unanimously agreed to allow the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation to subdivide approximately 17 acres of property at their meeting Wednesday night.

Town Attorney Derek Jones explained that the MCEDC initially intended to utilize 15 acres for the manufacturing center project at the Dewey Street property so they came before the council to request the additional acreage.

Clerk-Treasurer Lisa Mullaney stated that there are approximately 75 acres of land that is owned by the Town of Argos, with 17.82 of that property being utilized by the MCEDC for the development of the manufacturing center, that leaves a little less than 60 acres which will be leased out for farming in the spring.

Jones added that the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation’s request will now go before the Argos Planning Commission before it receives final approval.