Highway Supervisor Concerned about Metal Posts in Right-of-Way

Marshall County Highway Supervisor Jason Peters told the commissioners his concerns about the placement of steel posts in the right-of-way area on properties.

Peters said some of the posts are about one to two feet from the county road which creates concern.

“If somebody was to have a wreck and those are steel posts out there, that could become a pretty major hazard,” commented Peters. “I think that something the public needs to know, too, that if you’re putting those posts in there’s utility lines down there that you could potentially hit.”

He said he has removed some of the posts and laid them in the property owner’s yard. Other times he will simply remove them from the right-of-way.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said he’s received a complaint about the posts. A resident told Garner that some of the roads are narrow and if a driver needs to move over for oncoming traffic those posts could cause a problem.

Peters said the posts are normally used for property markers, but noted there are other products available for that purpose.