Commissioners Get Update on Branding Marshall County

A concept of branding Marshall County was presented to the commissioners Monday morning.

Lou Pierce from the Big Idea Company out of Mishawaka presented the findings of members of Branding Marshall County in three meetings held in Bremen, Culver and at Ancilla College. He said Marshall County needs to stand out in a relevant way to promote what Marshall County has to offer.

“From our group, there were four overwhelmingly agreed upon themes,” said Pierce. “One was location/proximity with regard to Marshall County. It’s where the major highways converge, and rail, but it’s also proximity to larger metropolitan areas. Another theme was natural beauty. Education was an overwhelming theme that everyone agreed on from primary to secondary to post-secondary. Safety was the last theme.”

After reviewing several relevant and irrelevant slogans, or positioning statements, the group found “far from nothing, close to everything” as a possible positioning statement for Marshall County.

The commissioners are happy with the progress thus far. Commissioner Kurt Garner asked if the positioning statement could be switched for a more positive thought. Commissioner Mike Delp echoed his thoughts. Garner said he’d message Pierce with more thoughts of what direction he’d like to see. Commissioner Kevin Overmyer encouraged the group to keep moving forward and see how the brand can be materialized for Marshall County.