Primary Election Ordinance Passed by Argos Town Council Members

Argos Town Council members held a discussion over a primary election ordinance when they met earlier this month.

Attorney Derek Jones presented council members with some of the pros and cons of having primary elections versus a convention. Jones explained that town conventions tend to be more restricted.

“If you’re not there, you can’t participate, you can’t vote, you don’t have a say in who your elected town council member may be.” Jones explained, “With the primary system it’s a lot more open in terms of the amount of time that a citizen would have to go and cast a ballot.”

He went on to say that it provides more flexibility and opportunity for community members to get involved with the election process.

According to draft minutes from the meeting, a discussion was held and then Vice President George Null motioned to suspend the rules and pass the ordinance on all three readings. That motion was carried unanimously.