Triton School Board Awards Staff for Receiving an “A” from the Indiana Department of Education

At the beginning of October, the Indiana Department of Education released their A through F school accountability grades. Triton Schools had been bumped up a letter grade from 2016, receiving an A this year.

In order to show their gratitude to the individuals responsible for the hard work that went into receiving the recognition, the Triton School Board voted to pay for gift cards to be given to everyone on the staff.

Triton Superintendent Donna Burroughs said that it was important that all faculty members of the school realized that the A status was obtained as a result of everyone working together.

“And it wasn’t just the teachers,” Burroughs explained, “we did everybody on staff, bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria because it takes everybody to make things happen.”

Employees had the choice to pick from six different gift cards. The total amount of money spent to purchase the cards was between five to six thousand dollars, according to Superintendent Burroughs.

She said since this sort of thing doesn’t happen every year, the board wanted to be sure the staff was aware that their contributions don’t go unrecognized.