Triton School Board Amends Bus Pick-Up and Drop-Off Policy

The Triton School Board addressed certain safety concerns with drop-off and pick-up procedures when they met earlier this week. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said the school corporation currently does not have a form that parents fill out to specify different pick-up and drop-off locations.

Burroughs reported that there are some families who are calling in frequently to instruct the schools of different places that their child needs to be dropped off at or picked up from on different days.

“It’s impossible to keep track of, especially if you have a substitute bus driver who may not know the kids to know that they aren’t going to their usual spot.” Burroughs explained, “Before we just went ‘well here’s their house that’s where they get picked up and dropped off’ but we’re past that in a lot of cases now with both parents working or divorce situations, et cetera.” Continue reading

Triton School Board Awards Staff for Receiving an “A” from the Indiana Department of Education

At the beginning of October, the Indiana Department of Education released their A through F school accountability grades. Triton Schools had been bumped up a letter grade from 2016, receiving an A this year.

In order to show their gratitude to the individuals responsible for the hard work that went into receiving the recognition, the Triton School Board voted to pay for gift cards to be given to everyone on the staff. Continue reading