Triton School Board Grants Permission to Advertise Bids for Building Project

The Triton Schools’ building project is getting closer to the construction phase. Triton School Board members granted permission to advertise bids for the project when they met last Tuesday night.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs estimated when some of the work would be started. She stated that the heating and cooling at the elementary probably won’t begin until the summer since they will still be in session. Continue reading

Triton School Board Members Approve Bid for Administration Building Carpet Project

Triton School Board members approved a bid from J. Lane Flooring and Design for a proposed carpet project in the administration building when they met Tuesday night.

The approved bid was for $7,116.25. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said the next step in the process will be to have someone from J. Lane come in and present the board members with various carpeting options. Continue reading

Triton Students Pitch in to Help Feed Hungry Kids Around the World

picture provided by Superintendent Donna Burroughs

Several Triton students recently participated in a philanthropic endeavor to help bring food to disadvantaged kids and families around the world.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said that a group of fifth and sixth grade students ventured to Nappanee to assist in the Feed My Starving Children service learning project. She said they were accompanied by members of the Jr./Sr. High girls’ basketball team who chipped in and also served as chaperones for the younger students.

During their two hour visit, the students were able to help make 66,000 meals to feed more than 165 children in various underprivileged nations who receive assistance through this program. Continue reading

Triton School Board Receives Building Project Financial Report

Triton School board members received a financial report about the school corporation’s building project when they met this week.

They’re still in the preliminary stages of the project according to Superintendent Donna Burroughs. She said at Monday’s meeting, Business Manager Tom McFarland provided a summary of all the fees that have been paid to various individuals involved in the project process such as surveyors, architects and attorneys.

Burroughs mentioned that she’s been told whenever schools tackle these kinds of building projects, they typically rack up around $150,000 in fees. She said their fees amount to approximately $50,000 so far. Continue reading

Triton Elementary School Principal Appointed to Superintendent’s Position

Triton Elementary School Principal Jeremy Riffle was officially approved as the new superintendent of Triton at a school board meeting Monday night. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said now that the superintendent position is filled, the board members will be working to find a new elementary school principal.

“We won’t start an official search until next April. We’re naming an interim acting principal in the meantime.” Burroughs explained, “Jeremy is in the process of setting all that up and that will be a part of the December board agenda.” Continue reading

Triton School Board Holds Special Session Over Superintendent Contract

The Triton School Board held a special session Monday evening to discuss the superintendent’s contract. The current superintendent, Donna Burroughs, announced her retirement back in September.

The board has been interviewing candidates for the position and recently came to a decision about who will fill the open position. Burroughs said state law mandates that school boards must hold a public hearing over the superintendent’s contract for the sake of clarity and in case anyone wishes to implement a change. Continue reading

Distinguished Young Woman of Triton Pageant Provides Scholarships to Participating Senior Students

Back Row L to R: Nicole Sechrist, Emma Ross, Emily Chickering, Montana Golden Front Row: Arminda Chapman Dreibelbis, Breanna Campbell, Sara Stevens, Elizabeth Beatty, Jingle Grigsby

Last Saturday young ladies of Bourbon gathered to compete for the title of Distinguished Young Woman of Triton. For more than 50 years a group of community members have utilized Triton schools to host the annual scholarship pageant, previously titled Jr. Miss.

Superintendent of Triton, Donna Burroughs, explained that even though the event is not school sponsored, it is still an opportunity to highlight a variety of different areas of accomplishment achieved by Triton High School seniors.

“It’s recognizing scholarship and self expression and physical fitness in women of the senior class who wanted to participate.” Burroughs said, “All the students who participate receive some kind of scholarship, depending on which category they may have placed first, they get larger scholarships.” Continue reading

Triton School Board Amends Bus Pick-Up and Drop-Off Policy

The Triton School Board addressed certain safety concerns with drop-off and pick-up procedures when they met earlier this week. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said the school corporation currently does not have a form that parents fill out to specify different pick-up and drop-off locations.

Burroughs reported that there are some families who are calling in frequently to instruct the schools of different places that their child needs to be dropped off at or picked up from on different days.

“It’s impossible to keep track of, especially if you have a substitute bus driver who may not know the kids to know that they aren’t going to their usual spot.” Burroughs explained, “Before we just went ‘well here’s their house that’s where they get picked up and dropped off’ but we’re past that in a lot of cases now with both parents working or divorce situations, et cetera.” Continue reading

Triton School Board Awards Staff for Receiving an “A” from the Indiana Department of Education

At the beginning of October, the Indiana Department of Education released their A through F school accountability grades. Triton Schools had been bumped up a letter grade from 2016, receiving an A this year.

In order to show their gratitude to the individuals responsible for the hard work that went into receiving the recognition, the Triton School Board voted to pay for gift cards to be given to everyone on the staff. Continue reading

Multiple Individuals Express Interest in Triton Superintendent Position

Monday was the final day that individuals interested in the Triton Schools superintendent position could submit applications for consideration.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs announced her plans to retire during a school board meeting back in September. Before the school board members met for their regular session on Monday, they held an executive session to go over the submitted applications. Continue reading

Marshall County Promise Program Inspires Young Students To Start Considering College

Local kindergartners and first-grade students will be taking trips out to Ancilla College through the Marshall County Promise Program Walk into the Future event. This is the second year the program has taken place Ancilla. The superintendent at Triton Schools, Donna Burroughs said the program is a way to get young students to start considering further education now.

“It’s a part of our promise program where we’re trying to encourage kids to think about the importance of education and where they might want to go in the future and just introduce them to the idea of what a college is.” Burroughs said. Continue reading

Triton School Board Establishes Shooting Club for THS, Appoints Sponsor

During their meeting Monday evening, the Triton School Board established a shooting club for Triton High School and approved a club sponsor. The club sponsor will be Ryan Meister, who has served as a coach for Triton in the past and is the owner of the ‘Back 40 Sporting Clays’ shooting range in Bourbon.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said a number of students already participate in shooting sports in 4-H so there is an apparent interest in a club of this kind. She explained that target shooting competitions are a growing trend around the country. Continue reading

Bond Project Addressed During Triton School Board Monday Night

A few building projects are in the works at the Triton School Corporation. The heating and cooling system at the elementary school needs replaced and the corporation is looking to build a high school gymnasium and replace the roof at the high school.

In an effort to move forward with those projects, the Triton School Board held a public hearing during the Triton School Board meeting. There were no public comments during the bond project hearing. Continue reading