Triton School Board to Open Construction Bids at Next Meeting

Last week, Triton School Corporation officials held a pre-bid meeting over the school’s construction projects that are being tackled this year.

Before her retirement, Donna Burroughs said the preliminary stages of the project were complete and the construction phase would start soon. She also mentioned that the proposed renovations are estimated to cost over $2 million.

Superintendent Jeremy Riffle talked about the additions and repairs that will be made at both school buildings, “We’re doing an HVAC system at the elementary school and at the high school removing the roof and putting a new roof on and then we’re building an auxiliary gym.” Continue reading

Triton Elementary School Principal Appointed to Superintendent’s Position

Triton Elementary School Principal Jeremy Riffle was officially approved as the new superintendent of Triton at a school board meeting Monday night. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said now that the superintendent position is filled, the board members will be working to find a new elementary school principal.

“We won’t start an official search until next April. We’re naming an interim acting principal in the meantime.” Burroughs explained, “Jeremy is in the process of setting all that up and that will be a part of the December board agenda.” Continue reading

Triton School Board Holds Special Session Over Superintendent Contract

The Triton School Board held a special session Monday evening to discuss the superintendent’s contract. The current superintendent, Donna Burroughs, announced her retirement back in September.

The board has been interviewing candidates for the position and recently came to a decision about who will fill the open position. Burroughs said state law mandates that school boards must hold a public hearing over the superintendent’s contract for the sake of clarity and in case anyone wishes to implement a change. Continue reading

Triton School Board Awards Staff for Receiving an “A” from the Indiana Department of Education

At the beginning of October, the Indiana Department of Education released their A through F school accountability grades. Triton Schools had been bumped up a letter grade from 2016, receiving an A this year.

In order to show their gratitude to the individuals responsible for the hard work that went into receiving the recognition, the Triton School Board voted to pay for gift cards to be given to everyone on the staff. Continue reading

Multiple Individuals Express Interest in Triton Superintendent Position

Monday was the final day that individuals interested in the Triton Schools superintendent position could submit applications for consideration.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs announced her plans to retire during a school board meeting back in September. Before the school board members met for their regular session on Monday, they held an executive session to go over the submitted applications. Continue reading

Triton School Board Establishes Shooting Club for THS, Appoints Sponsor

During their meeting Monday evening, the Triton School Board established a shooting club for Triton High School and approved a club sponsor. The club sponsor will be Ryan Meister, who has served as a coach for Triton in the past and is the owner of the ‘Back 40 Sporting Clays’ shooting range in Bourbon.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said a number of students already participate in shooting sports in 4-H so there is an apparent interest in a club of this kind. She explained that target shooting competitions are a growing trend around the country. Continue reading

Bond Project Addressed During Triton School Board Monday Night

A few building projects are in the works at the Triton School Corporation. The heating and cooling system at the elementary school needs replaced and the corporation is looking to build a high school gymnasium and replace the roof at the high school.

In an effort to move forward with those projects, the Triton School Board held a public hearing during the Triton School Board meeting. There were no public comments during the bond project hearing. Continue reading

Triton Students to Make up Missed Days

Students at the Triton School Corporation will be making up days missed due to snow. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said two days were built into the calendar and four days have been missed so far this semester that will be made up.

“We have for of those scheduled,” explained Burroughs. “Next Monday is one of those days and Good Friday is the second one. May 26 and May 27 are days three and four. Hopefully, we don’t have anymore.”

Continue reading

Triton School Board Adopts Balanced Calendar

The Triton School Board approved the 2015-2016 school calendar when they met on Monday night.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said the school board opted to go with a balanced calendar to keep in line with surrounding school corporations.

“It’s only about a week difference from what we’ve had in past years, so it’s not like it’s a whole new creation. We’re just starting one week earlier. With the importance they place on testing, we feel like that gives us an extra to week to work with the kids,” stated Burroughs.

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Teacher Performance Grants Awarded to Several Local Schools

news-3Educators at several local schools will receive a share of the $30 million in Teacher Performance Grants awarded by the state to more than 1,300 schools. Funds were given to schools with students earning ISTEP+ or end of course assessment passing scores of 72.5 percent or above or with a growth in graduation rates of 5 percent ore more from the previous year. Teachers who are rated effective or highly effective under Indiana’s teacher evaluation system for the 2013-2014 academic year will be paid based on student performance. Continue reading