Culver Town Council Receives Stellar Update as Site Visit Approaches

Town administrators and community members in Culver have been preparing for the upcoming Stellar Communities Designation Program site visit. On Wednesday evening, the Culver Town Council received an update about what has happened so far and what is yet to come.

Culver is one of three finalists in District 2 of the program, competing to be designated as a Stellar Community. In an effort to ensure they are aptly prepared, the Stellar Committee has been meeting on Tuesdays during the month of September. The night before the town council meeting, the committee met and did a practice run for the site visit.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said that utility staff is currently clearing part of the trail easement on Academy property as well as the road for Sand Hill on Jefferson Street.

Leist also mentioned the banners and yard signs that have been placed all around town. They ran out of available yard signs pretty quickly however, paper signs that can be personalized are still available for residents and business owners to put in their windows.

“You can put your own message on them.” Leist said, “Anything with ‘stellar town year round’ or some play on stellar would be great. I think a lot of people did that last year and it was a nice touch so I encourage people to do that again.”

During the citizen comments, one individual expressed concern with INDOT signs and equipment that remain up around town, fearing it would take away from the beauty of the town. Leist said there was nothing to worry about saying that since INDOT is one of the agencies that is included with the reviewers they’ll be excited to see one of their projects being completed.

Council President Ginny Bess Munroe added that last year Culver also had a visible an ongoing project and she said the reviewers love hearing about projects being done within the community. The site visit is scheduled for October 5th. An announcement declaring the winners of the Stellar Communities Designation Program is scheduled for October 18th.