Culver Town Council Discusses Traffic Ordinance

The Culver Town Council members discussed a proposed traffic ordinance during their meeting Tuesday night.

The ordinance designates a congested motor vehicle traffic and pedestrian area on Lakeshore Drive and signage will be placed between 508 Lakeshore east to 824 Lakeshore Drive. The ordinance also creates a no parking zone for 50 feet from the intersection on both sides of the street on Batabano and South Plymouth Street.

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Culver Town Council to Meet Tonight

The Culver Town Council will discuss several ordinances when they meet tonight for their regular business meeting.

Two ordinances will be considered on second and third reading. One ordinance includes changes to the Code of Ordinances. The ordinance allows the current Code of Ordinances manual to be updated to current regulations. The second is a service weapon ordinance that allows a retiring police officer, who has served at last 20 years in law enforcement, the ability to retain his or her service weapon, badge and identification cards.

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Culver Town Council Looking to Fill Board and Commission Positions for 2018

The Culver Town Council is looking for volunteers to serve on several boards and commissions that have seats available for service in 2018.

The Culver Redevelopment Commission has five seats on the board and those members are appointed annually. Three candidates are chosen by the town council and two by the town council president. The Culver Redevelopment Commission meets every third Monday of the month. The applicant must be a Culver resident. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Approves Readings on Several Ordinances

The Culver Town Council members took action this week to discuss several ordinances that were up for consideration.

An ordinance allowing additional appropriation requests to be carried out was adopted. It authorizes the expenditure of $17,500 toward the Stellar efforts. Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim previously explained that they couldn’t foresee expenses related to the efforts because it was unknown if the town would achieve the designation. These additional funds that are available in the budget are needed to fulfill needs.

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Culver Town Council Discusses Police Vacation Pay

Culver Police Chief Wayne Bean discussed pay for the officers within the Culver Police Department with the Culver Town Council members this week.

He explained that with a shortage of part-time officers, there are a lot of full-time officers who will not get to use their vacation, personal or holiday time because they will need to fill shifts through the end of the fiscal year.

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Culver Town Council Gets “Stellar” News

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist delivered some “stellar” news Tuesday night to the town council members pertaining to funding for projects within the town’s designation as a Stellar Community.

“We had our first meeting with the grant administrative staff from the state and found out for our Community Development Block Grant funding through OCRA that they basically set aside $2 million for us,” said Leist. “A lot of that we’ll use at the Culver Beach Lodge and Cavalier Sports Park. That is a significant chunk of change that won’t require a local match at all. It’s very good news!”

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Culver Town Council Passes Amended Zoning Ordinance

The Culver Town Council members passed an amended zoning ordinance on second and third reading during their regular business meeting Tuesday night.

At the last meeting, the council members voted to exclude the L1 District zoning changes from the other changes proposed within the recommended zoning ordinance amendment after it drew several opposing comments from L1 District residents. The omitted section addresses changes to the height and visibility requirements for fences in the L1 District, also changes in the side yard setback area in the L1 District. That portion of the original ordinance will be discussed by Culver Plan Commission members and a few volunteers from the L1 District residents.

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Culver Town Council to Hold Two Work Sessions, Regular Meeting Tonight

The Culver Town Council members will take part in two work sessions prior to their regular business meeting tonight.

At 5 p.m. ET, the members will discuss the salary ordinance and at 5:30 p.m. ET they will review possible changes to the traffic ordinance to include semi-trailer parking, speed control and pedestrian crossing. The public is invited to attend these work sessions.

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Culver Town Council to Address Semi Truck Parking

Culver Town Council members will soon tackle an issue surrounding semi truck parking in residential areas.

A citizen brought forth issues during the council’s regular meeting on Tuesday night stating that it’s difficult to maneuver around the semis parked in residential areas. He’s fearful for the safety of the residents and children, in addition to it being an eyesore. Some trucks are parking on narrow streets like Ohio Street and Mill Street. Continue reading

Relocation of Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor’s Center Discussed

The Culver Town Council members revisited a request this week from Becca Pazin with the Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor’s Center to move her office from the bank building downtown to the Culver Beach Lodge.

She explained that the change in location would create better visibility of the office for tourists. Her office would be located on the third floor of the beach lodge. The move also allows more space for her especially in terms of meeting space. She could have more private conversations with visitors to the visitor’s center or clients to discuss business. There would be more space to display brochures available to attractions in Culver and Marshall County. Continue reading

Culver Town Council to Meet Tonight

The Culver Town Council members will hold a public hearing tonight to gather comments on an amendment to the Culver Zoning Ordinance.

The proposed changes include lowering the number of parking spaces for general commercial businesses in the C2 district, changing the sign ordinance to allow lighted signs, changes to the height and visibility requirements for fences in the L1 district, also changes in the side yard setback area in the L1 district. Additionally, the ordinance creates permit requirements for solar power systems and building permits for roof and shingle replacement. Continue reading

Culver Officials Break Ground on Housing Project

Culver town officials, county representatives, Housing Developer Kevin Berger, and other dignitaries helped break ground on the Sand Hill Farm workforce housing development in Culver Wednesday afternoon.

The housing development includes 24 apartments that will feature affordable one, two and three bedroom units at 540 W. Jefferson Street with hopes of the project complete in 2018. Elkay, one of Culver’s largest employers, will provide the cabinetry for the units in an extensive project partnership. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Approves Increased Pay for Advanced Paramedics

The Culver Town Council approved an ordinance amendment that increases the hourly wage for a new advanced paramedic to a range from $10.00 to $15.50 an hour beginning Nov. 1.

EMS Director Kathy Hart thanked the council and noted that the increase will help attract advanced paramedics to the department. She said several applicants have turned away from the position after learning that the wages aren’t comparable to other area departments. This will allow Culver EMS to be more competitive when seeking applications. Continue reading