Change Orders Approved for 7th Road Project

The 7th Road construction project has been on hold all winter, but once the weather breaks workers will be busy to finish the project. It was anticipated to be complete last year.

Bart Trester from USI Consultants told the Marshall County Commissioners that several issues delayed the project including unsuitable soils and piling issue for the bridge. He presented a change order for the project once things get moving again.

“Change order seven is additional mobilization for the bridge contractor for $11,107.60,” explained Trester. “We had the bad soil issues, delays and we had to coordinate with INDOT how to go about piling, and they had to pull off the project and then came back.”

An additional 15 days was included in the change order to accommodate the project.

A no cost change order was also presented for a change in warranty for pavement markings.

The change orders were unanimously approved by the commissioners.

It’s the hope that the 7th Road project is done by June.