Construction on 7th Road Project Continues

The 7th Road project in Plymouth should be complete by the end of June.

Project Supervisor Bart Trester from USI Consultants told the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday that the center of the roundabout is open to traffic in order for construction to occur on the east and west third of the circular intersection. Crews will return the traffic pattern to travel around the roundabout when that phase is complete. The project is anticipated to be done by the end of June.

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7th Road Project in Marshall County Still under Construction

Crews are waiting for asphalt plants to open before resuming work on the 7th Road project in Marshall County.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said the roundabout needs to be complete, and a top coat of asphalt needs to be added to the new road leading from North Michigan Road east to the new U.S. 31 highway. Crews will also complete seeding and other aesthetic aspects before wrapping up the project.

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Change Orders Approved for 7th Road Project

The 7th Road construction project has been on hold all winter, but once the weather breaks workers will be busy to finish the project. It was anticipated to be complete last year.

Bart Trester from USI Consultants told the Marshall County Commissioners that several issues delayed the project including unsuitable soils and piling issue for the bridge. He presented a change order for the project once things get moving again.

“Change order seven is additional mobilization for the bridge contractor for $11,107.60,” explained Trester. “We had the bad soil issues, delays and we had to coordinate with INDOT how to go about piling, and they had to pull off the project and then came back.”

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Metronet Project Done, 7th Road Project Awaiting Completion

This week, the Marshall County Commissioners approved and signed paperwork to complete the acceptance of the Metronet project along Glen Overmyer Drive. The work ended on Nov. 12 with all punch list items checked off the list. The installation of conduit for the three phases of the Metronet project is now complete.

The conduit will house dark fiber capable of distributing high-speed internet to business and industry in Plymouth. The conduit was installed in the city limits and along old U.S. 31 through LaPaz, LaVille, Lakeville and into South Bend. LaVille School Corporation and Hoosier Racing Tire have already lit dark fiber to begin using the product.

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Road Construction Project in Marshall County on Hold

The 7th Road project in Marshall County will not be completed this year.

The project supervisor overseeing the construction, Bart Trester, told the Marshall County Commissioners that the current state of the project on Michigan Road will remain through the winter.

“The traffic has been running on phase three section of the roundabout and will probably remain like this through the winter,” said Trester. “The contractors finished placing the HMA base and intermediate lifts along the main line from Seltenright Ditch to Linden Trail and the HMA base from Seltenright Ditch to the roundabout. Due to weather limitations, the contractor will more than likely shut down operations for the winter. They have opened Lilac Road and Linden Trail for thru-traffic for over the winter.”

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