Metronet Project Done, 7th Road Project Awaiting Completion

This week, the Marshall County Commissioners approved and signed paperwork to complete the acceptance of the Metronet project along Glen Overmyer Drive. The work ended on Nov. 12 with all punch list items checked off the list. The installation of conduit for the three phases of the Metronet project is now complete.

The conduit will house dark fiber capable of distributing high-speed internet to business and industry in Plymouth. The conduit was installed in the city limits and along old U.S. 31 through LaPaz, LaVille, Lakeville and into South Bend. LaVille School Corporation and Hoosier Racing Tire have already lit dark fiber to begin using the product.

Bart Trester from USI Consultants also gave the commissioners an update on the 7th Road project. He said a good portion of the project is done.

“I’d say it’s about 80 percent. There’s shoulder work, seeding, surface work, striping, and guardrails. That’s it. It’s probably about five or six weeks of work. They hope to open it on June 1. They can open that and then tear down the old bypass,” said Trester.

Construction projects will begin in the spring.