7th Road Project in Marshall County Still under Construction

Crews are waiting for asphalt plants to open before resuming work on the 7th Road project in Marshall County.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said the roundabout needs to be complete, and a top coat of asphalt needs to be added to the new road leading from North Michigan Road east to the new U.S. 31 highway. Crews will also complete seeding and other aesthetic aspects before wrapping up the project.

The project was delayed by several weeks last year due to the discovery of unsuitable soils. The tests on the soil done prior to the start of the project did not show any abnormalities. Further testing in different parts of the area revealed the troubled areas. Another contractor had to remove the unsuitable soils, which added an additional $500,000 to the project cost.

Overmyer believes the project will be complete by the first of June.