John Glenn School Board Discusses IPad Purchase

The John Glenn School Board members discussed the purchase of 220 iPads for kindergarten, first and second grade students Tuesday night.

Technology Director Andrew Stegemiller explained that the current computers were purchased in 2012 and cannot be updated anymore. He said the computers were reliable and will get a good trade-in price. They need to be traded in soon to keep that pricing.

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John Glenn School Board Amends Technology Purchase

The John Glenn School Board approved a resolution to rescind a previous technology purchase in the amount of $143,888.25.

The school’s attorney found some items that needed to be amended so the board approved a resolution to revoke the previous decision to move forward with the transaction.

Technology Director Andrew Stegemiller gathered quotes for a fewer number of Chromebooks at a price of $111,690 from Trinity 3 Technology. The purchase price approved by the board this week also includes the warranty on the computers.

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John Glenn School Board Approved Technology Proposal

The John Glenn School Board approved the bid for Chromebooks for the students in the One-to-One computer initiative.

In the corporation’s program, freshmen get their computer and it is theirs through the duration of their high school career. Seniors turn in their Chromebook at the end of the school year, or they can purchase them at a discounted rate. Seventh grade students use their computer for two years.

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