Marshall County Council Approves Additional Appropriation for Fire System

The Marshall County Council members approved a request for an additional appropriation for a fire suppression system at the Marshall County Museum.

Commissioner Kurt Garner explained that the commissioners approved a quote in September from the NoBi Corporation out of Elkhart in the amount of $5,935. Since the commissioners felt it was an immediate need, they agreed to allow the expenditure to be taken out of the building and grounds maintenance fund. Garner and Museum Archive Manager Karin Rettinger were before the council to ask for an additional appropriation to reimburse the county and for a building project.

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Come Explore Plymouth Architecture with the Marshall County Museum

If you’re interested in learning more about Plymouth’s history while exploring some of the buildings you may drive by or frequent regularly then join the Marshall County Museum during their architectural tour of five Plymouth churches. The event features tours of the outside and inside of the First Presbyterian Church, St. Michael Church, St. Thomas Episcopal, First United Methodist and First United Church of Christ. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioner and Bremen Historian to Speak at Historical Museum

The Marshall County Historical Museum invites you to pack a lunch on September 9th and join them from noon to 1 p.m during their “Shiver Me Timbers” Historic Barn Revival Brown Bag Presentation. Mindy Langdon, Museum Community Relations, said they take into consideration that some people may need to get back to work if they’re attending the presentation during their lunch break so 10 minutes is allotted at the end for a Q&A but people are free to leave at this time. Continue reading

Security to Tighten at Marshall County Museum

Staff members at the Marshall County Museum and officers from the Plymouth Police Department are working to keep surveillance around the building to ensure safety.

Executive Director Linda Rippy told the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning that juveniles have become a problem as they are getting on top of the museum’s roof. She said it’s dangerous with electric obstacles and the overall safety issue of being on the roof. Plus, it’s unlawful.

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History on Wheels Exhibit Open Today

The Indiana Historical Society’s Auto Indiana “History on Wheels” is open to visitors today at the Marshall County Museum in downtown Plymouth.

The 53-foot trailer parked outside the facility houses Indiana’s automotive heritage through touch screen displays. The history of auto racing, the industry itself and modern manufacturing are just a few of the lessons provided in this unique educational presentation.

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Marshall County Museum to Present Unique Exhibit in June

The Marshall County Museum will feature another exhibit to keep motors running during the P-town Cruz’n event in downtown Plymouth.

The Indiana Historical Society Auto Indiana “History on Wheels” exhibit is a state of the art traveling interactive exhibit. The 53-foot trailer houses Indiana’s automotive heritage through touch screen displays. The history of auto racing, the industry itself and modern manufacturing are just a few of the lessons provided in this unique educational presentation.

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Marshall County Council Discusses Waiver for Museum Assistant Director

The probationary period of pay for the newly installed Assistant Director of the Marshall County Museum was discussed by the Marshall County Council this week.

Museum Director Linda Rippy presented the request.

“The assistant director who’s working there now, Sue Irwin, has been there over three years,” explained Rippy. “In the last year, at least, she’s been doing the same duties that an assistant director would have been doing. So, we’re asking to waive that probationary period.”

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Bicentennial Barn Quilt Unveiling Scheduled Today

Indiana Bicentennial logoMarshall County’s latest Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project contribution will be unveiled during a ceremony this afternoon in downtown Plymouth. Marshall County Tourism coordinated the Marshall County Barn Quit Trail. It’s a series of large murals painted in a variety of quilt patterns on barns, businesses and public spaces throughout the county. Organizers say the trail celebrates the history of agriculture, the time-honored tradition of quilting, the community’s passion for art, community pride and Hoosier Hospitality. The trail features more than 75 quilts of various designs and colors. Continue reading

Marshall County Museum Sports Exhibit Receives $30,000 Grant

Photo provided by Indiana Historical Society
Photo provided by Indiana Historical Society

Efforts to recognize the history of high school sports in Marshall County are getting a big boost. The Marshall County Museum has gotten a $30,000 grant to upgrade its Sports Room. The museum is one of 25 organizations included in the first group of recipients of the Indiana Historical Society’s Heritage Support Grant.  Continue reading

Mortgage Books from Early 1800s to be Archived

Officials in the Marshall County Recorder’s office will be scanning mortgage books that date back to the 1800s.

Recorder Marlene Mahler told the commissioners this week that 95 books need to be scanned and digitally archived.

Mahler said she found some mortgage books the basement of the courthouse. She counted them and learned that some books were missing. She contacted Marshall County Museum Director Linda Rippy, who found the books containing records from the early 1800s at the museum. Those books have never been archived, and it will cost $10,000 to scan all of the documents. Mahler said the money will come out of the perpetuation fund.

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Marshall County Museum Awarded Outstanding Historical Organization

The Marshall County Museum was recently honored with the Outstanding Historical Organization Award for 2014.

Museum Director Linda Rippy gave the news to the commissioners on Monday morning. Rippy said it’s a prestigious award, and the staff has worked hard in achieving that goal.

“It demonstrates the remarkable public services and programs in our community that we’ve done for them,” said Rippy. “We’re really pushing to offer more in our research library which we keep hearing is one of the best in Indiana. It has more history for Marshall County residents. People come in here and will spend days and weeks just doing research.”

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Plymouth High School Students Participate in National Day of Service

Plymouth High School Key Club members participated in a National Day of Service on Monday to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Several students were at the Plymouth Fire Department washing fire trucks while others were lifting and carrying boxes down flights of stairs to help organize things at the Marshall County Museum. The animals at the Marshall County Humane Society got some exercise Monday morning when the students took them out for walks and played with them. The students also cleaned the cages and gave the animals food and fresh water.

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