Marshall County Commissioners Approve Ordinance Violation Fines

Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger presented the commissioners this week with a ticket format for fines and fine amounts for ordinance violations.

Sheriff Matt Hassel and Clerk Deb Vandemark asked that the commissioners set more definitive fines for ordinance offenses such as curfew violation, junk vehicles, open burning, and animals running at large.

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Marshall County Attorney to Submit Paperwork to Purdue Extension

Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger this week discussed the Memorandum of Understanding between the county and the Marshall County 4-H Fair Board.

The document protects the county from any financial obligation in its capacity to act as a pass through vehicle for a Community Development Block Grant worth $500,000. The grant will help fund a multi-purpose building on the fairgrounds in Argos.

Marshall County Extension Director Karen Richey asked Clevenger for a copy of the document to send to the Purdue University Extension office for their approval as the project includes 4-H and a 4-H organization.

The document has not been signed so the topic will be reviewed at the commissioners’ next meeting.

Metronet Project Nearly Finished, Jail Bond Paperwork Finalized

Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the commissioners this week that the paperwork for the Metronet project is complete.

There were some endorsements and fees that were added to the paperwork that couldn’t be avoided. The conduit installation is nearly finished.

The bonds for the jail project were closed on Wednesday, Oct. 15. The lease amendment was recorded and sent to the state.

Clevenger told the board members at the last meeting that the prospective sale of the jail bonds to refinance the previous bonds found lower rates. Umbaugh and Associates predicted a possible $500,000 in payments, but the bond refinancing helped save the county $639,000.

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