Bremen Downtown Revitalization Preparation Moves Forward

Preparations for a downtown revitalization project in Bremen are moving along. That’s according to Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy.

“JPR started inspections in the basements in all of our downtown businesses and all of the sidewalks,” said Weldy “They’re in all of the buildings downtown inspecting the basements to make sure there aren’t any stairways we didn’t know about or vaults we didn’t know about. So they’re in the process of doing that.”

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Bremen Downtown Revitalization Project Delayed

The downtown revitalization project which includes new streets, sidewalks, curbs and lighting for the Town of Bremen has been postponed.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said the delay could be to the town’s advantage.

“With help from INDOT, they’re going to pay for a few more things that’s going to save us some extra money,” said Weldy. “They’ll pay for environmental studies and things like that that we won’t have to pay for. It’ll save us $20,000 to $30,000 or maybe a little more when it comes to that.”

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Bremen Downtown Revitalization for Streets and Sidewalks Gets Green Light

The Bremen Town Council members learned this week that the Indiana Department of Transportation has green-lighted funding for a downtown revitalization effort in 2019.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy explained that INDOT originally pushed back the project until 2023 but found funding for the request for 2019 following a meeting between the entities. He said $1.2 million will be used to renovate the downtown area. He said the streets will be lowered with updates to sidewalks and lighting.