Public Perception of Safety Discussed During Culver School Board Meeting

School safety was a topic discussed at this week’s Culver School Board meeting.

Superintendent Karen Shuman said that the school recently sent out a survey to teachers, students and parents. Though the survey included a variety of questions, Superintendent Shuman focused on the question that gauged the community’s perception of safety at Culver Community Schools during Monday’s meeting. Continue reading

Culver Community Schools to Implement E-Learning Days in 2018-2019 School Year

Culver Community School students will be participating in e-Learning in next school year.

Superintendent Karen Shuman said that when school board members met on Monday, they approved the calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.

Shuman explained that the calendar has three E-Learning days built in, to allow students and teachers to get familiarized with the system. Continue reading

Culver Superintendent Informs School Board of Leftover Bond Funds

At Monday night’s Culver School Board meeting, Superintendent Karen Shuman told members that renovations to the cafeteria at the Middle/High School are officially complete.

She stated that the flooring and furnishing portion of the cafeteria project cost about $90,000 and was paid for with bond funds.

Shuman also shared that there is a little more than $300,000 worth of bond funds leftover which must be spent prior to the end of the fiscal year in December. Continue reading

Culver School Board Members Hold Work Session to Discuss Strategic Plan

Culver School Board members held a 2-hour work session prior to their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night.

Superintendent Karen Shuman stated that the work session was to go over policies and to discuss a strategic plan for the school corporation. “We’ve just started looking at creating the goals and objectives and then creating action steps.” Continue reading

Culver Community School Students Receive Career Pathway Presentations

Last week, while Culver Community Schools were conducting NWEA testing, they concurrently held Career Pathway Presentations for some junior and senior high school students.

Superintendent Karen Shuman shared that one of the speakers was school board member Bill Sonnemaker. He came and spoke to students about working as an engineer for 40 years. He told them how he worked in the aero-space industry and provided some details about particular projects he tackled within that field.

Continue reading

Culver FFA President Provides Presentation to School Board Members

When the Culver Community School Board met last week, they received a presentation from FFA President Alex Temme who told them all about Culver’s involvement in this year’s National FFA Conference.

FFA members were able to watch the rodeo there as well as exhibit some of their agricultural skills. Superintendent Karen Shuman said that Culver students experienced some success with their soil judging presentations, getting ranked as one of the top ten teams to compete. Continue reading

Culver School Board Scheduled to Ratify Collective Bargaining Agreement at Tonight’s Meeting

When the Culver Community School Board meets this evening they will discuss the ratification of the 2017-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

A few weeks ago, Superintendent Karen Shuman shared that the teacher contract was 99 percent complete, they have just been working on correcting some language. She said the teacher’s union ratified the contract on October 24 and the next step is the board’s ratification tonight. Continue reading

Culver School Board Adopts Capital Project & Bus Replacement Plans

Resolutions proposing the adoption of the 2018 Budget, capital projects plan and bus replacement plan came before the Culver Community School Board following a public hearing held at their Monday evening meeting.

No public comments were provided during the hearing. The board then went on to adopt the resolutions for the 2018-2020 capital projects plan and the 2018 bus replacement plan. Continue reading

Culver School Board to Consider Support of Cavalier Park Sports Center

One of Culver’s proposed Stellar Communities projects will be discussed tonight by the Culver School Board. Board members will consider a resolution formally expressing the school corporation’s support of the Cavalier Park project. The plan is to construct a sports center on a piece of the corporation’s land that’s currently being used as a youth soccer field.

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