Sheriff to Buy Squad Cars, Presents DEA Report

Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel asked the county commissioners Monday morning to purchase four new squad cars for the department.

Hassel explained that the four vehicles will be purchased from Oliver Ford in Plymouth for $103,996 which includes state bids quotes with trade-in values. Funding for the purchase is included in his budget for the year. The commissioners unanimously approved the request.

In addition, the sheriff reviewed with the commissioners the DEA equitable sharing agreement and certification that is required to be filed every year.

“This is money we’ve seized in the past,” said Hassel. “You can see that we didn’t receive any this year, but we still have an application out there for an arrest that actually started in Illinois by the Illinois State Police. The drug deal took place in Plymouth. We still are eligible for some equitable sharing from that once the court rules.”

Sheriff Hassel said the department was able to utilize that money for various needs last year.

“We used part of it for buy money and the other part we purchased a piece of equipment that can search compartments in vehicles without having to tearing the door apart. It can see through the door and see if there’s anything in there.”

The commissioners unanimously approved the submission of the report. The report will be electronically filed.