Marshall County Historical Society Considers Summer Architecture Tour of Argos

Photo Courtesy of Wythougan Valley Preservation Society

The possibility of a summertime architecture tour around Argos is being considered by town council members.

Council member Suzanne Umbaugh was contacted by a Marshall County Historical Society Museum representative about potentially doing a walking or driving tour of various structures in the town.

Historical Society Assistant Director Sue Irwin stated the tour would focus on Argos buildings that were designed by William Lake Foker, an accomplished stonemason of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

“Argos is blessed with a good number of homes where the stonework was done by William Foker.” Irwin explained, “William Foker is not a well-known name, but he ought to be because his stonework is spectacular. We just simply want to showcase some of his stonework.”

Irwin said that the tours will most likely be held sometime in July but nothing has been officially decided. She said members from the Argos town council, representatives from the Historical Society and other interested individuals are meeting on Friday to go over details and solidify a plan.