Highway Supervisor Updates Commissioners on Winter Operations

Marshall County Highway Supervisor Jason Peters updated the county commissioners on mailbox policies from neighboring counties.

Peters explained that he gathered policies that pertain to mailbox repair/replacement in the case of a snow plow clip or the force of snow. He didn’t go into detail, but gave the governing body information for their review for future consideration.

Peters also gave an update on road salt usage by the highway department this winter.

“All our salt is in right now that was on contract,” said Peters. “I’m hoping that we can get through this and not have to purchase any more. The supplier let us know that if we needed more salt we could probably still get it on the state price. It would be on a pre-order instead of a contract. What they would have to do is look at their inventory to get an idea of where they’re at. Worst case scenario is they might have to raise the price a little bit on it. It sounded like they still had availability, if needed.”