Argos Town Council Welcomes New Member

Earlier this week, Argos Town Council members welcomed a new member, according to Clerk-Treasurer Lisa Mullaney.

Mullaney said that Dylan Colburn will be fulfilling Juli Stauffer’s term which will be up in January of 2020. Stauffer resigned after moving out of the town limits. Mullaney explained that since there was an opening following her resignation, someone had to be appointed to the vacant seat.

She said, “Dylan was put in there by Mark Thompson which is the Republican precinct committeeman for Argos and David Holmes which is the committee chair for the Republican Party.”

Colburn filed the necessary paperwork for this position back in January. Mullaney said he took his oath and was sworn in on Monday and his first official town council meeting was on Wednesday.

Mullaney mentioned that if Colburn wants to remain on the Argos Town Council he will have to go through the campaign and election process after he finishes out Stauffer’s term.