Marshall County Council Discusses Engineer/Director Salary

The Marshall County Council members discussed a salary range for the Marshall County Engineer/Director position this week.

While the position has yet to be filled, a salary ordinance amendment was put before the council for consideration Monday morning. The range of pay is $62,837-$76,800. The highway administrative manager position will be defunded so the balance of that salary can be transferred to whatever the salary will be for the highway engineer/director position. An additional appropriation will be sought to fulfill the required salary when a person is hired.

When it came to a vote, Heath Thornton, Bill Githens and Jon Van Vactor voted in favor of the salary amendment while Judy Stone, Jim Masterson and Penny Lukenbill had the dissenting vote. With the absence of the seventh council member, Don Morrison, the vote failed with an even split vote.

Commissioner Mike Delp said the county engineer/director position was re-advertised with the amended job description but no applications have been received as of Monday morning. Applications are being accepted until the position is filled. Delp commented that the parts are being handled by the maintenance foreman as that position is open. Personnel in the auditor’s office are helping with paperwork until a clerk is hired.