Marshall County Commissioners Take Care of Remaining Appointments During Tuesday Meeting

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners addressed any remaining appointments when they met on Tuesday.

Randy Glingle and Dan Vories were appointed to the Drainage Board, Jan Fisher will serve on the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and Commissioner Kevin Overymyer was appointed to the Central Dispatch Committee as well as the Michiana Area Council of Governments or MACOG.

For the MACOG Regional Development Board, Joe Martin, Jr. was appointed as the private sector representative and Trend Weldy will serve as the Town of Bremen’s rep.

Commissioner Kurt Garner was appointed to the Unsafe Building Committee and the Shady Rest Committee. All of those positions are appointed annually except for the Shady Rest Committee, where the term length has yet to be established.

Additionally, Library Board representatives were selected. Kathleen Griffin is replacing Terri Bair as the Town of Argos rep, Anton P. Zurbrugg is replacing Terri Baker as the Culver-Union Township representative and Allison Mayer was appointed to represent the Town of Bremen.

Bill Harris and Ray Trump were reappointed to the Culver and Argos Plan Commissions, respectively. They will each serve terms that will end December 31st 2021. Roger Umbaugh was appointed to the MCED Regional Development Authority for a 3-year term ending the final day of 2020. Trent Bennet was reappointed as the citizen representative for the Board of Zoning Appeals where he is serving a 4-year term.

Marshall County Historical Society Museum Director Linda Rippy replaced Police Chief David Bacon on the Marshall County Visitor Bureau. She will serve a 2-year term ending December 31st, 2020.

Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel, Rhonda Ferguson and Mindy Relos-Penrose were all appointed to the Sick Bank Board for 1-year terms. Auditor Julie Fox explained that members on this board review employee requests to utilize sick days that are in the unused “sick day bank”.

As of Tuesday, a new commissioner still needed to be appointed to the Personnel Committee for a 2-year term.