Culver Stellar Communities Project Timeline Taking Shape

The Town of Culver reached “stellar” status late last year with the Stellar Community Designation Program designation and with that comes several large projects to increase tourism and overall appeal to the lake town.

There is a four-year timeline in which to complete the projects outlined in the Culver’s strategic investment plan.

With $2 million in additional funding for the OCRA-funded projects, the council is looking to expand the project scope of renovations to the Culver Beach Lodge, Cavalier Sports Park and Lake Maxinkuckee programming. Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the Culver Town Council members last week that he and Steve Park have been reviewing previous beach lodge renovation plans put together by the now-disbanded park board.

“We’re looking at things to make it more ADA accessible,” said Leist. “Whether it’s an elevator, new stairs – we really want to maximize space on the main floor and try and get a large room that we can do different things with.”

Those ideas and more are being considered into potential additions to the scope of the project.

The OCRA-funded projects are expected to be bid out in late 2018 for 2019 construction. INDOT-funded projects such as the second phase of the Lake Maxinkuckee Trail, State Road 10 sidewalks and the West Jefferson Street Gateway will undergo construction at the end of the four-year stellar designation. However, the timeline is tentative subject to the availability of funds and preparation.

The Damore Amphitheater and the first phase of the Lake Maxinkuckee Trail are expected to be complete this year.