Bourbon Town Council Unable to Open Community Crossings Bids Due to Date Mix-up

Bourbon Town council members were expecting to open Community Crossings bids when they met Tuesday night. However, according to Clerk-Treasurer Kimberly Berger, the bids were not available due to a miscommunication.

She explained, “We did not receive any bids, [we] did find out that JPR sent out to the contractors a different date than what was advertised.”

JPR stands for Jones, Petrie and Rafinkski, the engineering and architecture firm working with the town. Clerk-Treasurer Berger said that they’re currently doing what they can to reconcile the mistake.

When the Town of Bourbon’s Community Crossings Grant application was submitted back in July, street department officials indicated they were requesting funds to help cover the costs of repaving several streets and renovating the town’s sidewalks. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Town of Bourbon was awarded a total of $306,157 in the Community Crossings Grant 2017 session.