Argos Town Council Members Receive Presentation About Local Business Group ‘Discover Argos’

Local business owner Judy Richards came before the Argos Town Council last month, seeking permission to utilize the town’s name in the title a local business group.

Richards explained that group would be called Discover Argos and would work to benefit local businesses, while simultaneously assisting the town as a whole.

“We spoke with the Town Council about why we needed this committee which was because it will benefit Argos by creating more jobs, more housing, downtown improvements, more events for the local residents to go to which will in turn mean less travel for local residents.” She explained, “It will benefit our business owners because that means more visitors to Argos.”

Town council members unanimously approved the request to utilize the town’s name for the group.

Judy said that she is the chairman of the committee as well as the owner of Timeless Treasures. She explained that the group currently consists of representatives from other local businesses such as Connie’s Cottage, Country and Primitive Blessings, ReTagged and RePurposed Just for You, Ink Style Tattoo Studio, Ameri-Can Engineering and the Nest Health and Fitness Studio.

Discover Argos has a few things planned for this month including pictures with Santa and a 12-days of Christmas Contest.