Van Vactor Farms Looking to Amend Land Sale Proceeds Agreement

David Miller of Van Vactor Farms approached the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Monday night to discuss an amendment to a land sale proceeds agreement.

Miller reminded the board members of the donation of 20 acres of land out in the techFarm area on Miller Drive and Pioneer Drive back in 2004. Miller stated that the donation of land was a partnership with the city to build a techFarm on the northwest side of town. The original agreement called for a split of proceeds between the Van Vactor Farms and the city as land is sold for development. According to the original agreement, the money split would be used to help development infrastructure and other projects at the techFarm.

An amendment was approved several years after the original agreement which gave the city a directive on how the split of the money would be used.

Recently, the Van Vactor Farms gave the city a check for $111,000 for the city’s share of a land sale and the money was later promised to fund a pedestrian foot bridge, much to the dismay of Miller who saw the money as a way to fund a culvert study in the techFarm area.

Miller used that example as why he proposes that the agreement go back to the original intent.

“The money be used in the techFarm or adjacent that affects the techFarm in some way for infrastructure or for price reductions to help make it more economical for somebody to be in the techFarm,” stated Miller. “Also, we establish a small committee, a three-person board, to look at those funds and make those decisions on where that money would be spent.”

No action was taken. City Attorney Sean Surrisi said he’s received a draft of a proposed change to the amended agreement from the company’s attorney, but Surrisi noted he not had the chance to review it. He said the issue will be brought up at a future meeting for possible consideration.