Town of Bremen Looking to Take Care of “Junk” Vehicles

The Bremen Police Department is currently tagging disabled vehicles or “junk vehicles” in an effort to clean up the town.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said the Bremen Town Council will soon be updating the fees associated with ridding properties of these vehicles.

“We’re looking at raising our costs from our old ordinance to our new ordinance,” said Weldy. “It is $45 to tow your car. That’s been how many years ago? It was $7.50 a day for an impound rate when it usually stands around $25. We’re changing the ordinance.”

Weldy also said more land will be pursued in order to impound the tagged vehicles.

“Our local tower has the place where we impound these vehicles – he doesn’t have any more room. We’re looking at some land that we own or some land that a gentleman owns here in town that we can lease from him so we can impound these vehicles. Right now we’re up to 61 vehicles.”

An amended ordinance is expected to be presented to the Bremen Town Council members at their next meeting on Oct. 24.