Marshall County Council Approves Ordinances on 2018 Budgets

Marshall County Council members took action Monday morning to move the budget to the state for approval.

Before the council approved the 2018 budget, Councilwoman Penny Lukenbill brought the Superior Court II budget into discussion. The council had reduced Judge Dean Colvin’s initial request for full-time law clerks in the amount of $75,000 to just a part-time law clerk line item at $45,000.

“I’m proposing that we reduce that $45,000 by another $15,000 leaving $30,000 in that part-time law clerk line,” explained Lukenbill. “He requested $20,000 this year leaving $30,000 in there – that’s a 50 percent increase. If for some reason there’s an issue where he is finding that he needs additional funds, then he can come to the council after the first of the year for an additional appropriation.”

The council unanimously approved the reduction.

Auditor Julie Fox announced that the Department of Local Government Finance informed the county that the council will be able to approve the budget with the Cumulative Capital Development maximum rate that the county can capture which is $.0333 per $100 of assessed valuation. The estimated additional revenue that will be collected will be between $440,000 and $450,000.

The council unanimously approved ordinances that adopt the 2018 budgets for Marshall County, the Argos Community School Corporation, and the Marshall County Solid Waste District.