Marshall County Council Approves Budget Line Item for Professional Services

The Marshall County Council approved adding a line item in this year’s budget for professional services. Specifically, the line item will cover the hourly wages for work done by Waggoner, Irwin and Scheele to update the county employee job descriptions and wages.

Kent Irwin from the consultant group presented services to the council in mid-September to prepare job descriptions and determine wages for recommendations for the 154 positions in the county. According to Irwin, the last time the job descriptions were overhauled was in 1989.

The work would take six to eight months and the contract price is $45,000. The council approved setting up a line item in the budget for $50,000. The project will be complete in 2018. The additional appropriation for the contract will be advertised and discussed at the council’s next meeting on Monday, Nov 13.