Plymouth City Council Approves Building Lease

Plymouth City Building

The Plymouth City Council discussed a lease in order to house the mayor’s office and the clerk-treasurer’s office while the city building renovation project is in progress.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that the offices were going to stay in the city building during the project. However, during a pre-construction meeting with the contractors it was felt that moving the offices would be the most effective way to get the project done in a timely manner.

The council approved the transfer of $12,600 for the mayor’s office and the clerk-treasurer’s office to occupy the Umbaugh building at 118 N. Michigan Street. The lease would be from September to May, but it can be rented on a month-to-month basis as needed at a cost of $1,400 a month. The rate includes utilities. The move would be effective Sept. 19.

The substantial completion of the project is expected in June, but with the city building unoccupied the renovation work could wrap up sooner than that.

Residents wishing to pay utility bills after hours will still have access to the drop box outside the city building as employees will be able to retrieve payments that during construction.

The city council unanimously approved the lease as presented.

Several parking spots on Garro Street and the alley between the city building and the grocery store will be closed the duration of the project.