Culver Town Council Supports Petition Against Proposed J-Turns

The Culver Town Council members are in support of a petition against INDOT’s proposed J-turn intersection at U.S. 31 and State Road 10 and Dewey Street and another at U.S. 31 and State Road 110.

The J-turn intersection would not allow a vehicle to turn left at a crossroad. Instead, the driver has to travel quite a distance in order to turn left, or the opposite direction to go back past the crossroad to turn left again to the desired location. INDOT feels that the construction would create a safer way for traffic to maneuver.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim presented the petition during Tuesday night’s regular town council meeting.

“We, the undersigned, are Town of Culver officials and concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to oppose the implementation of J-turns on U.S. 31 at State Road 10 as well as Dewey Street, which is also 17th Road, and State Road 110. Instead, we request that the Indiana Department of Transportation immediately begin the necessary planning work to build interchanges at the locations currently being discussed for J-turns along with future sites,” said Heim.

Police Chief Wayne Bean commented that he’s not convinced that a J-turn would be safer as he says vehicles will cross one lane or the other anyway. He said the action of other vehicles pulling out in front of others is the biggest issue and that’s why the accident statistics are high in those locations.

Several members of the public who attended Tuesday night’s meeting voiced concerns about the proposed projects and thought an interchange would be a better solution. It was mentioned that an interchange would cost the state more money, but would gather more support.

The Culver Town Council members unanimously approved a motion to authorize any council member and any concerned citizen to sign the petition opposed to the J-turns. The petition is available at the Culver Town Hall and there are copies to be distributed, if desired. The petitions have to be signed and returned to the Culver Town Hall no later than Monday, Sept. 18. One signature is asked per participating resident.

INDOT has scheduled two public hearings on the J-turn proposals. One will be Tuesday, Sept. 19 and the other on Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. at the Argos Jr./Sr. High School.