Triton Education Foundation Fund Created for Scholarships

The Triton Community School Corporation and the Marshall County Community Foundation have come together to help Triton students further their education with scholarship opportunities in the trades industry.

Triton School Superintendent Donna Burroughs said the Charles and Glendora Compton Trust was created 20+ years ago and it has matured to provide a sizeable monetary donation to the Triton Community School Corporation and to the Town of Bourbon. Burroughs said the pair was great supporters of their community and of Triton schools. She explained that Charles wanted the money to go to students who want to pursue a career in a specific trade.

“If we have a student graduating who wants to go to the new culinary arts degree program at Ancilla College, an agriculture program, or they want to go to welding or auto mechanics school after they graduate, or learn to be an electrician – any trade training program – we’ll be able to give away several scholarships to help kids pursue their training,” said Burroughs.

The amount donated to the school totals $188,611. The same amount was donated to the Town of Bourbon.

Linda Yoder from the Marshall County Community Foundation said the money donated into the Triton Education Fund will be able to keep the gift of scholarships for many, many years to come.

“By putting the funds into the endowment fund, every year we can do an annual distribution,” explained Yoder. “We invest the money and our whole goal here is to make sure that 20 years from now it’s still strong. We want it to have the same impact in the community as it will today.”

On Tuesday morning, Triton School Corporation Business Manager Tom McFarland presented a check to the Marshall County Community Foundation to be deposited into the Triton Education Foundation.

At the end of this upcoming school year, students will be able to apply for the first of many scholarships through the Triton Education Fund.