Stellar Community Designation May Mean Greater Accessibility for Culver Wheelchair Users

Culver officials hope a Stellar Community designation will make the town more accessible to people with disabilities. Residents raised a few concerns with the town’s pedestrian facilities during last week’s town council meeting.

Wheelchair users said pieces of metal forming part of a walkway near the town park could trap wheelchair tires and said it could use some repair. Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe said the town’s Stellar application calls for upgrades to the area, since it would be part of a fully-ADA-compliant bike and pedestrian trail.

Similarly, the Stellar plan also calls for a new sidewalk along State Road 10. That would make it easier for wheelchair users to get to business along the highway. It was pointed out that many students already walk down State Road 10, but wheelchairs users have a harder time getting out of the way of oncoming cars.

While those projects depend on funding from the Stellar Communities program, other improvements are already underway. Wheelchair users told council members that the sidewalk being added to Academy Road will be a great improvement, due to the amount and speed of car traffic. That sidewalk is part of the Safe Routes to School program.

Munroe also discussed adding signage to Lake Shore Drive near the town park, urging motorists to watch out for pedestrians.