Plymouth City Council Considers Proposal to Vacate Water Street

The Plymouth City Council members held a public hearing Monday night to hear comments on the proposed vacation of Water Street.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi mentioned that the city’s action is for the benefit of the River Gate South housing project. The road would be vacated from the Yellow River to east Lake Ave. Surrisi said the city owns all of the adjacent lots in the area, but the only concern is the utilities under that road.

“There are still revisions being made to the plat here,” said Surrisi. “All of the different lots at that South Gateway area are coming before the plan commission next month to be re-platted and part of that process is putting a 25 foot utility easement in place where the existing street is at and where other utilities run there.”

No members of the public spoke about the action.

The council approved an ordinance vacating Water Street on all three readings after suspending the rules to do so.

The River Gate South housing project is anticipated to begin in August.