Plymouth City Council Approves Appropriations for Police, Community Crossings Grant

The Plymouth City Council approved additional appropriations to compensate raises for police officers and to fund the city’s match toward the Community Crossings Grant should the city be awarded.

A public hearing concerning the appropriation requests was held with no comments from residents. The city council members went on to approve a resolution that covers the salary increase for the police department and the pension amounts. $10,000 was approved for the increase in pension and $80,000 for the police department salary increase.

The council previously approved a measure that would allow the increases to take effect on July 1, but Clerk-Treasurer Jeanine Xaver asked that the effective date be delayed to Aug. 1 as the salaries and pensions need to be certified with the Indiana Public Retirement System. That process could take up to two weeks. The council approved that amendment to the salary ordinance and it was approved on second and third readings.

The fee schedule will be looked at soon for updating.

The council also approved a resolution approving the transfer of $870,000 from the Rainy Day Fund into the newly added Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Fund 2017. That transfer will satisfy the city’s matching funds for their road projects submitted for consideration for the Community Crossings grant.