Marshall County Council Supports Culver’s Stellar Communities Projects

Culver Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe and Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist went before the Marshall County Council to ask for a letter of support to include in their application for the Stellar Communities Designation Program grant.

Munroe mentioned that the town is attempting to show that the town is working with the county and that the county can benefit from the projects that are proposed in the Stellar Communities plan. The commissioners have already approved an in-kind donation of the installation of one mile of the walking/biking trail through the Culver Town Park and around Lake Maxinkuckee. The township is also putting forth support of the Cavalier Sports Center for upgrades and additions to the facilities at the Culver Community School Corporation. Several local and county organizations have offered grant match money for the various projects in the plan as well as in-kind donations and volunteer efforts.

If Culver is awarded the Stellar designation, the town will be able to show a return investment to the county with the anticipation of population growth and tourism growth. Munroe said five new businesses have come into Culver since the town reached the finalist stage for this grant a year ago.

The Marshall County Council did unanimously approve the submission of a letter of support for the Stellar Communities Designation Program grant. The letter will be included in a packet due for final consideration on Aug. 25.