Marshall County Council Begins Looking at Budget Figures

The Marshall County Council members received copies of their budget for 2018 with more in-depth discussions set for later in August.

Auditor Julie Fox incorporated a three-percent increase in her figures as the council approved that amount in June. She asked the council to review it and put in numbers that coincide with council expenditures.

County Council President Judy Stone is looking to increase travel and mileage by $500 as the council members are more active in attending events and meetings. While the training budget is healthy, Stone recommended increasing that fund by $1,000 with the hopes of reducing the need for additional appropriations in that fund later in the year. Fox said more departments can access that fund for training purposes.

The departments have all submitted their proposed budgets for 2018. The council should receive numbers for the budget within a couple of weeks. Budget hearings are set for Aug. 22.