Marshall County Commissioners Pass New Fees for Recorder’s Office

The Marshall County Commissioners were informed by County Attorney Jim Clevenger that the fees for the recorder’s office need to be updated.

Recorder Marlene Mahler informed Clevenger that the state legislature mandated changes in the fees at the state level and those fees are to be updated at the county level. Clevenger said he drafted an ordinance that updates the fee schedule in the recorder’s office that matches the state mandate.

The fees became effective statewide July 1.

Since the fee changes come from the state, a public hearing is not required at the local level. Any objections to the fee increases will need to be handled by the General Assembly, according to Clevenger.

The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the ordinance on first reading. They then voted to suspend the rules and approve the ordinance on all three readings thus immediately enacting the fee changes.

The fee schedule can be found here: