Marshall County Commissioners to Discuss Violation Fine Amounts

Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger mentioned to the commissioners this week that he has been meeting with Sheriff Matt Hassel and Clerk Deb Vandemark about fines for ordinance violation tickets.

He said the problem is a number of the ordinances including abandoned vehicles, animals running at large and curfew, to name a few, don’t have specific monetary amounts given for frequent violations of the same ordinances.

Clevenger suggested that a set amount be approved for the first, second, third, and habitual offenses of ordinance so the officers have an idea of what fine amount should be issued.

Clevenger said the commissioners can jot down some amounts of what they want to see and come back to put those fees changes into an ordinance for approval. Once an ordinance is drafted, a public hearing will be scheduled to hear public comment concerning the changes.

The commissioners are expected to discuss the issue during their next meeting on Monday, July 17.