Marshall County Commissioners Consider Vacating Forest Drive

The Marshall County Commissioners were petitioned with a request to vacate Forest Drive between 11th Road and U.S. 31 that runs along the west line of Carl Stockberger’s property in the county.

The road was dedicated in 1996 and had a curve in it which was later modified to straighten out the road. Plan Director Ralph Booker said the intention for that road was to give residents access to 11th Road in the potential development of a subdivision there. The development never occurred.

A public hearing was opened to gather comments about the possible vacation of the road and no comments were made.

Commissioner Kurt Garner was concerned about the action as the road was dedicated for a purpose that it may be needed to connect to Lincolnway at some point. He said if there was any way that these ideas may come to fruition the county should keep maintaining the road.

The road is solely on Stockberger’s property and he would retain ownership of the road with the commissioners’ approval to vacate the road.

A motion was made by Commissioner Mike Delp to approve an ordinance to vacate the property. Garner said he had reservations about approving the ordinance but did second the motion. It was unanimously passed.