Marshall County Commissioners Approve Road List for Community Crossings Grant

The Marshall County Commissioners approved the list of roads to be considered as part of the Community Crossings Grant in 2018. The list will also be given to the county council and MACOG for consideration.

The grant request will include Beech Road from U.S. 6 to 3B Road, 17th Road/Dewey Street between Linden and South Michigan Street, 9th Road from Pioneer Drive to the county line west, Dogwood Road from the county line to State Road 331, old U.S. 31 in LaPaz to Tyler Road, and 13th Road from State Road 17 to Olive Trail.

Highway Supervisor Jason Peters said the list isn’t set in stone, but it’s a starting point for MACOG to review and provide feedback. There is a mile of road that may be cut from the list, pending a report from MACOG.

The total cost of the approved list will be $1,461,250. The commissioners unanimously approved the list during their meeting this week.

The county will be applying for a 50/50 grant match for a $1 million Community Crossings Grant from the state. The list is due to the state mid-month.