Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for New Housing Project in Plymouth

Dignitaries from the City of Plymouth and the Marshall County areas of economic development and government welcomed the start of a new housing project in Plymouth on Tuesday morning.

The River Gate South housing project broke ground yesterday. At the corner of Michigan Street and Lake Avenue, three apartment buildings will be built. The east and west buildings will have 15 apartments consisting of one, two and three bedroom apartments. The center building will have nine condos with two and three bedroom units. Ground level parking will be available under each building as well as an outdoor lot.

The project was awarded $1.5 million in Regional Cities Initiative funding. The City of Plymouth also has finances in the project to help with the advancement of the community.

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter said this project will help provide needed housing options in the community.

“I’ve hear

d it thousands of times over the years that Plymouth needs housing, better housing, more housing, housing to attract jobs, housing to fuel our economy. Today is a beginning,” said Mayor Senter.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi helped spearhead this project by collaborating with Regional Cities and work with the public to make this a reality.

“It’s really amazing what you can get done when you bring people together and get behind a common vision,” commented Surrisi.

Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director and CEO Jerry Chavez said that while his purview is mainly industrial development, where those within the corporation saw the need for housing.

“This project came together by my board of directors saying this is important for our employers so let’s roll up our sleeves and get with the mayor to see how we can make that happen,” said Chavez.

Regional Development Authority Chairman John DeSalle believes that this project will spear community growth.

“Hopefully this spurs further economic development,” mentioned DeSalle. “Other people come here and say ‘this is the place I want to live’, ‘this is the place I want to grow my business.’ ‘This is the place I want to move to.’”

Now that the ground is broken Developer Scott Sivan hopes to see movement on the project next month.

“Somewhere in August we’ll start,” smiles Sivan. “We’re planning on the beginning of August and that might slide a little bit. It always does. We will, with all good will and we don’t have an intense winter, be open in the summer of 2018.”

Courtyards will be between the buildings and BBQ areas will be featured, as well as a sitting area, fire pits, space for gardens, roof-top observation, fitness rooms, community facilities, and more.

The groundbreaking ceremony was well attended by many other local and county officials and members of the community.