Culver Town Officials to Strictly Enforce Smoking Ban at Culver Beach

The Culver Town Council members addressed the issue of smoking at the Culver Town Park and beach when they met Tuesday night.

Park Superintendent Anna Campbell said the ban is difficult to enforce. She does mention to violators that smoking is prohibited, but the authority is not always met with compliance. She noted that there are several posted signs that warn residents that smoking is prohibited at the Culver Town Park and beach.  A call will be made to police officers if residents are not complying with the ordinance or if there are threatening circumstances.

Police Chief Wayne Bean said officers will attempt to patrol a little more at the beach and write ordinance violation tickets if a violation occurs. The fine is $100.

Campbell asked the council if she could purchase receptacles for residents to dispose of their used cigarettes to help curb littering. They would be placed in areas prior to the entrance of the town park or beach area. The council found that to be a positive move and they also encouraged Campbell to find a designated area for smokers. She will work on bringing that information back to the council members during their next meeting on July 24.