Culver School Board Voices Support for Cavalier Park Sports Center

The Culver Community Schools Corporation has formally agreed to work with the town on a proposed Stellar Communities project. The school board approved a resolution Monday expressing its support for Cavalier Park.

Superintendent Karen Shuman said the project would upgrade the youth soccer fields near the corporation’s administration office. “Basically, they’re going to add parking, so that people aren’t parking on the grass area as they go in to play soccer,” she explained. “They are going to add a concession stand and restrooms in the facility. Then there is also potentially still area left over for a community gardens area.”

The idea was first suggested during last year’s Stellar application process, but a partnership agreement wasn’t put in writing at that time, according to Shuman. She said the town has been asked to improve the documentation this year. “So at this point, they are just asking for the easement,” she said. “At this point in time, they have not had a surveyor come and survey the site to make sure that this plan is feasible, but this is idealistic to what they would like the site to look at.”

One issue still to be worked out is whether a drainage ditch on the property would have to be relocated. Shuman said the property includes a space between two houses on the north side of Academy Road that could potentially be used for drainage.