Bourbon Street Department Ready to Submit Community Crossings Grant Application

The Bourbon Street Department finalized their projects to be submitted for the state’s Community Crossing’s grant application.

Communities the size of Bourbon were encouraged to send in applications as the local match was dropped to 25 percent this year. Clerk-Treasurer Kimberly Berger told MAX 98.3 FM News that they will submit a list that benefits from a full $1 million grant match.

In the application, the town is asking for sidewalks and new pavement on several roads including East Jefferson from North Thayer to Lincoln and then from Lincoln to the dead end portion of the street, East Sunset from North Washington to North Harris Street, North Harris Street from East Park Avenue to East Sunset Drive, North Thayer from East Jefferson to East Liberty Avenue, and Old U.S. 30 from South Elm Road to Beechwood Avenue.

The grant application is due Friday, July 14.