Unforeseen Circumstances Drain Maintenance Funds

Marshall County Maintenance Supervisor Doug Masterson is seeking additional funds to keep his budget in the black as several major issues have drained his funding.

Masterson and Commissioner Kevin Overmyer approached the Marshall County Council about the problems that totaled $61,988.

A water leak at the jail needed immediate repairs along with a new chiller at the jail, while the department made an emergency purchase of sump pumps at the courthouse. The staff also installed new gutters at the EMA building since they were lost in a weather event. The building also got a new roof and walls and a chimney for the heaters. The Marshall County Highway Garage lost a boiler and two overhead heaters that were replaced.

Masterson is hoping that money can be replenished in his budget because he’s looking at the potential of some issues at the Shady Rest Home when the county assumes responsibility of that building on Aug. 1. While the maintenance staff has not had the chance to walk through the facility to determine what repairs need to be done, Masterson said he heard the sprinkler system has some issues and the boiler system is dated. Commissioner Overmyer said some of these issues could be addressed by The Bowen Center, but they won’t know the extent of the repairs until they tour the building.

The council members suggested finding some of the money from the jail’s LIT fund for the jail repairs.

Commissioner Overmyer asked the council to consider reimbursing the maintenance fund for what’s occurred with an extra amount to ensure the county can maintain the Shady Rest Home when it changes hands. The council members did not take action on the request, but will consider additional appropriation requests during their meeting on July 10.